Stiletto Contest Finalist

Focused on a Cowboy is a Contemporary Romance Writers 2018 Stiletto contest finalist!

I’m so excited to attend the awards ceremony at the RWA conference in Denver. This year I’m in the unpublished category. Now, I will set a goal to one day be a finalist in the published category.

I wish I had discovered my love for writing earlier in life, but I guess everything happens when it should. Time to open a new document and start my next manuscript!

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been a busy bee the last few months working on edits and getting a couple of books ready to go out into the world. Some recent contest judges gave me great feedback that has helped the process.

I’m excited about several editor and agent requests! Fingers crossed as I wait to hear back.

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What’s on The Horizon?

Focused on a Cowboy

Ambitious photographer, Marie Turner, returns to Celts Creek, Texas on a freelance job for a land developer, an assignment to earn a world-traveling position with National Geographic, and to buy back her grandparents’ farm. She discovers her family land is owned by wealthy cowboy, James MacLachlan—the high school love who made promises then broke her heart.

And he’s not willing to sell land to anyone.

James is content running his massive family ranch, training horses, and starting an equine therapy program for special needs children. One of his frustrations is protecting his small town and family ranch from devious land developers. After his mother died in childbirth, and witnessing his father’s pain and destruction at the loss of true love, James sticks to only casual affairs. He vows never to risk that pain for himself. A forever romance is the last thing on his mind—until the girl who got away comes back.

Is a second chance—for both of them—worth the risk?

James invites Marie to stay in her grandparents’ cottage, now part of his 4,000 acre ranch. He believes he can convince her that owning an old house will be too much work. He assumes she doesn’t plan to have children because of her world traveling career goals and desire for wild adventures. She’s a safe option for the part-time relationship he’s looking for.

After disastrous romances, Marie has promised herself she’ll take a hiatus from men and focus on her career. Marriage and the babies she longs for can wait. She agrees to spend time with James to convince him to sell her the cottage. When old flames ignite, she decides she can live out a short fantasy fling then leave town to pursue her dreams.

Their passion grows into something real, interrupts Marie’s plans, and begins to heal James’s heart. But love doesn’t play by their rules.

Marie finds out she must have children soon, or she might never have the chance. She’s willing to alter her career goals for a family. James takes her to his mother and baby brother’s grave. Standing in front of a reminder of what can happen, they realize their opposing opinions about having children. She’s crushed about the lost opportunity of a family with the man she loves and takes the world-traveling job.

James is upset she’s leaving just when he’s fallen in love and starting to consider a family, but he can’t hold her back from her dreams and keeps quiet. When he learns Marie bought a pregnancy test before leaving town, and is now in the hospital, he fears she’s losing their baby or he is losing her, just like he always feared.

It’s time to follow his heart, no matter the risk.


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